The Leslie 251

Since I receive a lot of Email asking about the differences between them, I would like to offer the following to clarify some technical points, and for historical perspective. I will have to try the solid state relays. The fact is they are so alike that a can be converted into a by simply swapping the amps. But, the similarity ends there. Forget the obvious things like the same driver, woofer and crossover, tubes – ‘s, the 0C3 v regulator tube, 12AU7’s 1 in a ; 2 in a , etc. They are two different amp designs for two different purposes, based around the same chassis with somewhat similar intended uses. They are supposed to act and sound differently! The ‘s “balanced line” input was originally designed to match the balanced-line output of early HAMMOND organs and as a means to keep 60 hz hum down for motor switching requirements. The early Leslie 22H and later cabinets were made specifically for this reason. The tone cabinet’s 15″ woofer added bottom to the sound.


The Leslie is a 2-channel Leslie that is the ideal fit for an A series organ, since it has an additional channel to make use of the reverb amp that is found in the A Selected hardwood veneers, with quality lacquer finish in woods and colors to harmonize with organ consoles. Rotary channel, treble -compression type driver, permanent magnet, 16 Ohms impedance Rotary channel, bass — 15 inch heavy duty, permanent magnet, 16 Ohms impedance Secondary channel, two wide range 6 x 9 permanent magnet speakers, 16 Ohms impedance each Amplifier: Two channels, with combined output of 50 watts Power consumption: Attach the echo and tremolo controls to the wooden rail in front of the lower manual with the black oxide screws provided.

Aug 05,  · I have a Leslie cable with a nine pin socket on one end, and just bare wires on the other end (came from an organ to which the cable was hardwired in). I read somewhere the Leslie connector kit can be used to hook up a to single channel Hammond.

Designed for exclusive Hammond usage Tonewheel Organs. Model will handle the full range of Spinet Organs. For larger console organs, models , RV, and RV are desirable. The amplifier in these cabinets matches the output signal of Hammond Tonewheel Organs. Are suitable for use with any Hammond up to and including model E including ‘VS’ ‘J’ and ‘N’ series , see previous section.

For models Al00 and above – Hammond type cabinet is necessary. Models in this group are suitable for all other makes of organ.

Used hammond organs

Each tone wheel is a steel disc similar to a gear, with high and low spots, or teeth, on its edge see figure As the wheel rotates, these teeth pass near a permanent magnet, and the resulting variations in the magnetic field induce a voltage in a coil wound on the magnet. This small voltage, when suitably filtered, produces one note of the musical scale, its pitch or frequency depending on the number of teeth passing the magnet each second.

Unlike those organs which produce complex tones and then use filtering to achieve the sounds of traditional instruments subtractive synthesis , the Hammond organ produces nearly pure sine wave tones and then combines these to create instrument sounds additive synthesis. Tone Filtering For this scheme to work, those pure tones must be as close as possible to pure sine waves.

This was achieved by manufacturing the tonewheels with appropriately shaped teeth and then using electronic filtering to remove any harmonics generated by inaccuracies.


You will notice a felt inside this tub connected to strings going to the bearings. This felt should be moist with oil. There is no reason to fill this tub. In fact, over filling it can cause oil to go into the Vibrato Scanner and cause Vibrato problems. Only make the felt moist here. Secondly there are two filler funnels on the Tone Generator, one near the middle of the organ and the other on the right side usually behind some wires.

Can a hammond organ plug into any amp or speaker cabinet?

Forrest Cook Introduction In the world of high-tech electronics, vacuum tubes are considered obsolete. Despite this trend, the vacuum tube has seen a big revival in the field of guitar and hi-fi amplifiers. Vacuum tubes and related parts have become more readily available in recent years as numerous companies have tapped into this market. The reason for the popularity of tubes in guitar amps involves the nice tones that are produced when tubes are driven to the point of distortion.

For some background on this, follow some of the links on The Strat Monger. There are numerous solid-state “modeling amps” that try to simulate vacuum tube amps with digital signal processing DSP techniques, but in the end, that method is never more than a simulation.

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Far as I know he still has it. C3 and B3 have exactly the same guts with different cabinets. The “C” stands for church and weighs, oh The A is similar but does have some other differences, drawbars? Forget exactly, the but the A I’m most familiar with was totally customized by Richard Goodsell many many years ago It still lives despite a couple decades of touring! Can be cool none the less

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Vermont, USA I finally did it! I brought home a Hammond– and not just one Leslie, but two. The organ was already connected to the Leslie , and it sounded great. But the , is what I’d been dreaming of for years, and I decided that if I didn’t bring it home I would regret it forever. Actually it’s a r with reverb!

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A – best in its class “The best B-3’s are A ‘s” – now what does this statement mean? It points to the fact that a Hammond A organ is in fact the exact same organ as the legendary B-3, and then some. The cabinets of the A models were all, with one exception, tailored for home use: No locking top, built-in speakers and reverb, and a wider selection of wood finishes and stylings. Also, the slimmer profile of the A cabinet especially the ‘plain Jane’ A model is prefered over the B-style cabinet for taking on the road.

A quick history review The first A organs were produced in They had the necklace type reverb as found in contemporary Hammond Tone Cabinets. The A was the first tonewheel console with built-in reverb. In the early 60’s a few more models of the A theme were issued, the French Provincial A and the spiffy ‘Contemporary’ A Also, the C-3 cabinet was adapted to contain the A speaker system, creating model A complete with a locking top.

In late the last two models, the A in Patina Walnut and the the Early American A , were issued and in the A series was discontinued. However, the A remained in production until the very last tonewheel organs were made in the mid 70’s.

Hammond organ advice

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A – best in its class “The best B-3’s are A’s” – now what does this statement mean? It points to the fact that a Hammond A organ is in fact the exact same organ as the legendary B .

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A great solution for church that wants that vintage Hammond drawbar organ sound but wants to add some of the more contemporary sounds or even add a Pipe organ module. See our other ebay ad: We have some documanetation for the Midi retro kit, but as far as we can see it is pretty straight forward.

Hook Up Kits. Leslie Connector Kit; Don Leslie capitalized on a principle called the “Doppler Effect”. It’s why a train whistle seems to go down in pitch when a train passes you. Don took a horn speaker and made it go around in a circle. And Bingo! a legend was born. The spinning horn gave the Hammond Organ what is called in.

It should be enough to give you a good idea of what is involved in hooking a or other “single-ended” Leslie to speaker level outputs. The kit is relatively easy to make, even more so if you don’t mind having the internal speakers permanently disconnected. The most basic setup requires i A six pin amphenol socket, ii a fuse holder with 5A fuse, iii an electronics hobby box or similar housing and iv a single pole – single throw switch of your choice capable of handling line AC voltages.

Remember that the 1 through 6 pin-out on the socket will be the reverse of that seen above. To avoid confusion count pins 1 through 6 as above while viewing the socket from the rear where you solder the wires from the organ. Reportedly, you can drive the Leslie both G-G outputs for more drive. Either way, make sure to put the Leslie load resistor switch in the off position. Note that in an intact A , you can hook the Leslie to either the G-G output s , or to the speaker level outputs from the AO Beware that there is a high-cut filter in the AO , so the signal to the Leslie will tend to be bass-heavy if fed from the amplifier output.

Electro Music and later CBS did not provide factory kits to connect so-called “universal” or general-purpose Leslies to Hammond console organs without internal speaker systems. This was done to protect Hammond dealers who, at the time were responsible for most of Leslie’s sales. Any music dealer could sell s and other general-purpose Leslies, but only Hammond dealers sold Hammond-type Leslies like the 21H, 22H, and This hook-up is intended for Hammond tonewheel consoles with Balanced a.

D series which is essentially a Model?

Leslie 3300w

The jack is only for use with a Leslie speaker that has 9 pins, usually Leslie model but a couple other models will work. No other application for that jack. For what you want to do you don’t need a preamp. You have two options to make the Hammond and Fender cab work together.

Les Paul Auction Logo Add to Outlook Calendar. Julien’s Auctions is proud to present Property From The Estate of Les Paul. Les Paul not only revolutionized the sound of the electric guitar, but also the technology behind modern day sound recording.

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I would be a rich man if I had a cent for every time someone has said about this album “Ravel’s orchestration of Mussorgsky’s original is better” or “Mussorgsky’s original piano version is better. Both the original opus and Ravel’s later orchestration are of course wonderful, but ELP did not set out to reproduce faithfully Mussorgsky’s original or Ravel’s version. ELP – particularly Keith Emerson – unashamedly borrowed heavily from classical music in all their albums. Basically, the band liked many classical pieces and enjoyed giving them a modern twist.

And what a twist: Emerson’s Moog synthesizers and Hammond organ transformed pieces into futuristic mind-blowers. As with the adaptations of classical pieces on other ELP albums, here the band used Mussorgsky’s “Pictures At An Exhibition” as a frame on which to build.

Vintage Leslie Tremolo/Chorale Switches