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Etymology[ edit ] Irkutsk was named after the Irkut River , whose name was derived from the Buryat word for “spinning” and was used as an ethnonym among local tribes as Yrkhu, Irkit, Irgit, and Irgyt. The city was formerly known as “Yandashsky” after the local Tuvan chief Yandasha Gorogi. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Irkutsk Castle in In , Ivan Pokhabov built a zimovye winter quarters near the site of Irkutsk for gold trading and for the collection of fur taxes from the Buryats. In , Yakov Pokhabov built an ostrog a small fort nearby. The first road connection between Moscow and Irkutsk, the Siberian Road, was built in , and benefited the town economy. Many new products, often imported from China via Kyakhta , became widely available in Irkutsk for the first time, including gold , diamonds , fur , wood , silk , and tea. Irkutsk became the major center of intellectual and social life for these exiles, and much of the city’s cultural heritage comes from them; many of their wooden houses, adorned with ornate, hand-carved decorations, survive today, in stark contrast with the standard Soviet apartment blocks that surround them.

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These climatic changes also reflect biostratigraphy data. BA-interval for the territory of Baikal Siberia is poorly studied. Its data is absent in the stratotypical climatostratigraphic scheme for the region based on the results of drilling of the Baikal bottom sediments, mainly created using biostratigraphy data. Additional studies of this interval are carried out based on bottom drilling of small lake sediments.

In the geoarchaeosites of the region, BA-interval is marked with paleosoils, from one in loesslike soil to ten or more in sandy sediments. Archaeological material is attributed to these soils. On the territory of Baikal Siberia, there are 17 geoarchaeosites with BA archeological complexes. There are no summary on biostratigraphy data of these complexes.

The very first summary of biostratigraphic data of BA archaeological complexes of four geoarcheosites in the valley of the Belaya river left tributary of the Angara River is given in the article. Complexes are attributed to soils in the composition of loesslike deposits Cheremushnik 2, cultural horizon 1 and sandy deposits Sosnovyi Bor, Ust-Belaya, Galashikha.

Based on 14C-dating, their age is determined between 14,6—13,3 cal ka BP. The set of fauna corresponds to the Sartan assemblages of Baikal Siberia. A feature of such faunal complexes is the presence of fish bones that are associated with fishing equipment.

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Industrial Output in the area is recovering, but has some way to go by Stefan Wagstyl From the air, the snow-covered forests of the Irkutsk region in Siberia appear as great wastes of whiteness dotted with dark islands of human settlement. Among these islands, the oldest and largest is the regional capital of Irkutsk, with a population of , and a history dating back to the 18th century when it was the last outpost of urban civilisation for explorers heading into the wilderness.

Many other human settlements are small – a few houses strung along a muddy road. The region owes much to the Trans-Siberian railway, which brings in food and other necessities and takes out the region’s principal exports, including timber, chemicals and metals. Equally important is the Angara, the only river flowing out of Lake Baikal, which has since the s powered one of the world’s largest hydroelectric power schemes.

Electricity, as much as forests and minerals, is the foundation of the modern economy of Irkutsk.

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Fish[ edit ] Two species of grayling Thymallus baikalensis and T. Together with certain abyssocottid sculpins, they are the deepest living freshwater fish in the world, occurring to near the bottom of Lake Baikal. The most important local species for fisheries is the omul Coregonus migratorius , an endemic whitefish. Also, a second endemic whitefish inhabits the lake, C.

They are also endemic to the Lake Baikal basin. Amphipod and ostracod crustaceans[ edit ] A “giant” Brachyuropus reicherti Acanthogammaridae amphipod caught during ice fishing in the lake. Red-orange is its natural, living coloration More than species and subspecies of amphipods are endemic to the lake. Two of the most common species are Benedictia baicalensis and Megalovalvata baicalensis.

An early known tribe in the area was the Kurykans. Located in the former northern territory of the Xiongnu confederation, Lake Baikal is one site of the Han—Xiongnu War , where the armies of the Han dynasty pursued and defeated the Xiongnu forces from the second century BC to the first century AD. It was done first by following the Angara River upstream from Yeniseysk founded and later by moving south from the Lena River.

Russians first heard of the Buryats in at Tomsk. According to folktales related a century after the fact, in , Demid Pyanda , who may have been the first Russian to reach the Lena, crossed from the upper Lena to the Angara and arrived at Yeniseysk.

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