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When I first started to study the Wing-T I asked one of my former teammates in college, the son of a legendary coach in the state of Maryland, what was their best Wing-T play. Without skipping a beat he replied, the Waggle. He told me it was unstoppable when he quarterbacked his team in high school. From that day forward I tried to learn as much about the Waggle as possible. I remember thinking how can one play be so good. What I found out was that the Waggle is more than just the play action pass off the Buck Sweep, it is a total package of plays within it that make it so great. The Basic Wing-T Waggle: An Order of Football, all waggles before were run from the Power Series without the threat of the fullback in the flat fig. The Wing-T Waggle has both guards pull away from the action of the Sweep. The first guard logs or hooks the play side end while the second guard provides an escort and cleans up any defensive penetration or pursuit.

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Imagine my surprise when a few years ago I saw the University of Arkansas running a direct-snap series which it called – the “Wildcat”? And then this past season, the Miami Dolphins became the talk of the NFL with a direct snap package of their own, also called, thanks to an Arkansas connection on their staff, the Wildcat. Soon, NFL coaches being copycats just like the rest of us, other teams in the NFL were running their own versions of the Wildcat, and quickly the term “Wildcat” as a generic description of a direct-snap formation to a player who wasn’t necessarily back there to pass became as common as “single wing” once was.

So how’d the name get to Arkansas in the first place, and from there to the Dolphins? There’s no plausible explanation other than a video I marketed, and an article I wrote for Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director in December,

8 Man Football, Offense, Playbook, Single Wing, Video. Adam asked me to write about the switch to 8-man football and our 8-man single wing offense. Youth Football: Double Wing or Single. I doubt many honest Double Wing coaches will tell you they could do the same a 4 th team QB in that offense.

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Weak in the curl. Weak against flood routes. FS has to have excellent range. By utilizing Saban’s Cover Three, you end up with the following:

Rick Darlington’s Single Wing Power Series. Hmmm, a single wing talk at the National Wing-T Clinic? The Basics of Rick’s Single Wing Power Series. coach) will own just a single play. I like the simplicity and elegance of this approach. It also forces an economy of plays in the system but allows for multiplicity with the different.

Learn 23 deceptive run plays from the Wing-T playbook—in Pistol fashion Learn how to be multiple in the Wing-T Key a defender and exploit him Use formations to create advantageous blocking angles Coach Stewart covers the Pistol Wing-T run game within a basic Wing-T series approach. He will help you install 23 run plays from five different Wing-T series.

Every play and series is presented first through a Smart Board power point presentation with diagrams and coaching points. These presentations are then followed by on-field demonstrations of each play carried out by a junior college football team learning the offense for the first time. How to build the offense and make adjustments against various defenses Blocking rules that enable the OL to make quick adjustments versus odd and even fronts The most effective blocking angles to assure success for your offense How to use formations to create great blocking angles How to set up the pass through the run The attention to detail in this video will allow any coach to walk away with something useful for their offensive attack.

He starts with his sprint out passing game, moves to 3-step and 5-step route combinations, and finishes with his play action passing game. All phases of the pass game are covered with whiteboard play diagrams followed by game video of each play. Sprint Out Passing Game Starting with the sprint out passing game, Stewart explains his terminology and diagrams his numbered and tagged passing tree routes. This section of the video also offers pass protection schemes and demonstrates of how to incorporate jet motion into the sprint out package.

Stewart discusses how to put slot defenders in conflict using the run game and quick 3-step route combinations. The 5-step game puts additional stress on the defense using an easy-to-learn system that includes crossing routes from a variety of positions. Play Action Last but not least, the Pistol play action passing game blends perfectly with traditional Wing-T run and pass principles.

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Conor Nicholl for Kpreps. Clifton-Clyde and Herington have never played each other in high school football. The Eagles and Railers will have very different defenses but similar offenses for coaches Russ Steinbrock, and Tom Flax.

Adam asked me to write about the switch to 8-man football and our 8-man single wing offense. We run the spin series almost entirely with some direct snap and buck lateral series as well. My first exposure to the single wing offense was during a football theory class at the University of Northern Iowa.

Every football season there are coaches that really stand out. My second course in the series is called “Master of Disguise: In this short time over coaches have booked these courses to learn more about the latest in football strategies. This project draws from the best offensive innovators in the college game today. Here’s what you get: Even and Odd front variations covered for run game. Pass game includes play adjustments and discussion on how to run against different looks.

Do the Plays Work for Normal Offenses? The purpose for creating this course is to show you that many of these plays can be executed in normal offenses. At our level, it’s great when you can access videos that break things down for you. I can seek out those plays and concepts I can modify down to our level. Coach Hahnstadt’s course on JMU’s offense gives me a lot to work with this off-season.

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Power I Playing surface: With many holes to fill, coach Jay Furtado hopes to rebuild the Cougars this year. After a tough season last year, some players left the program.

The Spinner S’Wing T Offense. September 28, The base offense consists of 4 running plays and 1 play action pass. We had 3 other running plays that we used a lot and we liked to throw “quick fire” (catch, set and throw!) passes. 8-Man Single Wing Direct Snap Double Wing Playbook Standard 2 Hour Practice Plan Evaluation Drills.

And even if you did attend one, every clinic differs slightly – and besides, you couldn’t possibly have written down everything! And, just in case – there’s a bonus card with no defense on it at all! You’ll find a million uses for them! No need to draw up the same defense, over and over! Just draw up a play with Dry-Erase, then scan it. Erase and repeat the process for each play.

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Talk about a “regular Joe. He was a consensus All-American, and was drafted in the first round – Number two overall – by the 49ers. He also played in the College World Series as a backup infielder, but football over baseball was an easy choice for him. He enjoyed varying degrees of success, but it was what he accomplished late in his career that made him a football immortal.

Windom Rural High School 8-man football play book. It contains information and diagrams on the single wing and T formations. Date: Between and

College Football The Making of a Modern-Day Guru How Gus Malzahn went from high school defensive coordinator to college offensive mastermind, and took Auburn to the brink of championship glory in the process by Chris B. Shiloh quickly fell behind , then , but rallied to win on a touchdown in the final two minutes. Junction City was only giving up four points per game and we were only giving up When better to test that belief than in a game that looked hopeless?

Shiloh narrowed the gap to at halftime, and though his team still trailed by a considerable margin, Malzahn knew the tide had turned. Just one year removed from a dismal record, including an conference mark, the Tigers are

America At The End of All Hypotheticals

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When using Single Wing running plays for 8 Man Offensive Schemes you allow for a traditional triple option offense. The standard formation allows for the offense to learn a multitude of plays from the simplicity of one or two formations.

I encourage you to subscribe to Dr. Sap on YouTube , or follow Sap on Twitter. Mistakes were made all over the field, in all phases of the game. I call that out because in order to beat Ohio State next week, players will need to step up and make plays. On offense that guy is Chris Evans. He was close to going all the way against Wisconsin on a couple of plays, on Saturday. In my opinion, Evans gives this offense its best chance to score against the Bucks next week. I say put him everywhere: He had another great game in a losing cause against the Badgers, but he is a game-changer.

Look for 7 to do that next Saturday. That put a big burden on punter, Brad Robbins. He was up to the task on Saturday as he consistently pinned the Badgers deep in their own territory. Hitting the coffin-corner on his punts like he did against Wisconsin is critical when playing the field-position game.

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