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I hope you had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve celebration, and are off to a good start in Things got a bit rowdy at the Contextures office party, and I found these guys passed out on the floor, the next morning. There is a new sample file on the Contextures website, that changes all the pivot tables , when you change a report filter in one pivot table. For example, if you change the “Item” report filter in one pivot table, all the other pivot tables with an “Item” filter will change. They get the same report filter settings that were in the pivot table that you changed. Select Multiple Items In this version of the sample file, the “Select Multiple Items” setting is also changed, to match the setting that is in the pivot table that you changed. In the screen shot below, the Item field has the “Select Multiple Items” setting turned off. If any other pivot tables in the workbook have an “Items” filter, the “Select Multiple Items” setting for those fields will also change. How It Works The multiple pivot table filtering works with event programming.

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What is it supposed to be on the show? A funky-looking fish shack. Where is it supposed to be on the show? Somewhere in or near Miami. When did we see it on the show? In Episode 1 of Season 1 titled simply “Dexter”.

“Ooh, here she comes again. Man, she is so fine!” – Masuka hissed at Dexter, who could only sigh. “Hey, Moser” – Det. Debra Morgan greeted, smirking at the hapless red head.

Is Dexter a psychopath that is just simply following a code or a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds that is just trying to end his suffering after he saw his mother being killed when he was a child? Did Harry believe that he was saving a child with psychotic tendencies and possible future murder victims by making sure Dexter only went after criminals and acted professionally, or was he just a bitter cop who used a traumatized child to further his own vendetta?

A good amount of focus is put on his wealth, power, and tight security measures, but in the end, Chase abandons all that and confronts Dexter and Lumen by himself at an isolated location. And then Dexter easily gets the drop on him by pulling out a hidden knife. He spends much of Season 7 plotting to murder Dexter and being built up as possibly the most dangerous villain the show has ever had, only to eventually offer Dexter a truce and then get unceremoniously killed by George Novikov and this happens three episodes before the season’s finale.

Apparently, the writers were forced to do this because of Ray Stevenson ‘s scheduling conflicts. Jennifer Carpenter’s performance in Season 7, especially the final scene where she has to choose between shooting LaGuerta and Dexter. Debra teeters back and forth for some. On the one hand she really does love Dexter, but on the other she can be a completely unapologetic bitch, and she has apparently no common sense when it comes to who she chooses to date her track record so far:

Dexter 3.1-3 – Our Father, Finding Freebo, & The Lion Sleeps Tonight

His motivations are now personal, and the clock is ticking. Meanwhile, Debra blames herself for events that were out of her control, and in so doing pushes away those closest to her. Therefore, he has to work doubly hard to stay one step ahead of their investigation.

But I will lose all faith in this show if Deb and Dexter hook up, even though it would get him away from that obnoxious blond chick he’s banging. Ugh. Conflicting.

Jane’s latest Post, our Sixth! We haven’t posted our weekly paean to Dexter yet — what’s wrong with us, anyway? The show continues to amaze, and if you are following the excitement, you know that it looks as though Agent Lundy, the FBI guy, might have serious suspicions about Dexter, or at least Dexter thinks so. And of course Sgt. Doakes is convinced — still — that Dexter is up to something. Pictured are Dexter Michael C. LaGuerta Lauren Velez , who managed to manipulate her way back into her position as division boss by essentially driving her office rival crazy jealous by secretly sleeping with her boyfriend.

It was a fascinating reveal when it happened and a thoroughly reprehensible tactic, but you have to admit LaGuerta is really good at her job. And speaking of Agent Lundy, is he requesting Dexter’s forensic services because he really is disgusted with the pervy Masuka, or he is studying Dexter like a bug? It’s pretty obvious now that Debra, Dexter’s sister, has a crush on Lundy and rightfully so, say Jane and I! Yeah, it’s a thirty year difference, but such is the way of the world that it’s perfectly plausible that they might hook up.

It’s only kinda weird when you realize that Carradine’s real-life daughter, actress Martha Plimpton, is nine years older than Carpenter. It’s hardly Lolita time, though

Did a S8 mini story for Dexter to show how I think S8 should of went

There’s no time for our usual pre-spoilage chit-chat although we love it so. We just chatted with first-year Dexter boss Chip Johannessen, and the amount of scoop we acquired on Dex, Deb, Lumen, Quinn and this Sunday’s huge episode cannot wait a second longer Like it or not and we like, of course , Michael C.

Jan 07,  · Home Forums > RhymeArena – Audio Forums > Audio Emcee Hook Ups > Debra Morgan from Dexter is ANNOYING. Discussion in ‘Audio Emcee Hook Ups’ started by Adil Omar, Jan 6, Thread Status: wtf @ Dexter fell off, that was one of .

He follows his voice down the hall and has a mini freak out when he sees a puddle of red in the bathroom floor. Dexter swings the door open and sees Harrison sitting in the floor. Harrison ate a whole box of Popsicles because he loves them and now his stomach hurts. Dexter gives him some Pepto and starts to clean him off. Dexters voice tells us that a shot of pink makes his sons pain go away, and he wishes it was that easy for Deb. Speaking of Deb she is passed out in her car.

The cop thinks she is drunk.

Debra Morgan from Dexter is ANNOYING

Read the interview below. Having devoted 12 years to two characters, Hall is at last getting a chance to diversify, with considerable success. Death was a conscious reality for me as soon as I came online.

Oct 08,  · Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan and Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan in Season 7, episode 2. that Dexter would end up dispatching Louis by Masuka may be on the hook to repay Dexter .

Trinity Well you know Dexter and Trinity had to come to its ultimate climax. And, you knew Debra couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to dig up Dexter’s past and confront him with it. But, did we all know the last 3 minutes of the episode would leave us twisting in the wind? Here we are sitting thinking that Dexter is going to kill his arch-nemesis in Trinity and live happily ever after.

But then, why would we tune in for the next season? I mean it’s a great scene that Dexter butchers up the venerable serial killer Trinity, but that doesn’t leaven any hook for next season.

Dexter season 9?

I thought they just went to a house that may or may not have belonged to his dad, and he had a bowling trophy. Yes, they did a DNA test on his dead father and it was a match to Dexter. Here’s the synopsis for episode 9:

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Spoilers The overall conclusion of the fifth season was that it certainly was not as good as some previous “Dexter” highlights, like the very well received second and fourth season. Some people even went as far as saying they absolutely hated it. But as the ratings far from dropped, the show was renewed for a sixth season. A new, more “Dexter”-experienced show-runner Scott Buck got appointed, promising interviews were given by the producers and the trailers certainly looked good — needless to say, this caused high expectations for the new “Dexter.

Though, as I have to admit, the new season has a promising ending and is overall a little better than five. One of the main problems with this season is the overall plot. Once again it is about a serial killer committing a professional kill in Miami in the first episode, once again Dex wants him on his table, once again Dexter succeeds and once again the new killer gets a colourful nickname.

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They secretly married after dating for a year and a half. Dexter, in the words of Michael C Hall. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter announced they. Where are they now?

The Deb loves Dexter thing was already growing out of proportions up to a point where it became ridiculous but now I know they all did that just because it was essential for Dexter to get away with murdering Travis while his sister was watching.

I will PM you next week but here is the one from last Sunday since we all have already seen it. Dexter is feeling guilty about killing an innocent man. He wants to make things right again by killing Trinity. Trinity talks about his past; about his sister’s death and how he feels somewhat responsible. That night, Dexter plans on killing Trinity.

Dexter breaks into Trinity’s room but no one was there. It turns out that Trinity was planning on jumping to his death. Dexter arrives just tin time to stop him. Right when Dexter thinks it is best to let him drop, the crew shows up and pulls Trinity to safety. Back at the office, the Trinity investigation is really coming along. LaGuerta pushes this case into a full-blown investigation.

Debra was not allowed to participate because she was a possible victim. It is discovered that the gunshot wound doesn’t match Trinity’s height.

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Weapons Pirate Movies and Swashbucklers Over the last century there have been dozens of movies made about pirates. Starting back in the silent film era, they became very successful with audiences, making several stars out of there cast. Until around the ‘s when interest started to fade, and Hollywood began to move away from producing them. Some makers of these films have gone to great lengths to build realistic looking sets and pirate ships.

They staged elaborate sea battles, and filmed on actual historical locations. However very few of these movies give an accurate account of the real history about the pirates and their lives.

Oct 10,  · well, debra is emotionally unstable, quinn is a douche. dexter is a stranger to showing emotion. he’s doesn’t know what to do. he only knows the code, by which he lives by and will protect hisself by any means necessary.

We didn’t even get to see her tits? And God is Quinn fucking stupid destroying evidence and letting a drug kingpin go free for a girl he’s known for like 2 weeks. I read the spoilers Just in case anyone is hesitating the spoilers are pretty concrete. If it’s true it tells you all the important things you want to know about the rest of the season including the last scene, most important, of the season. Although I don’t really care about Angel’s aspirations of owning a restaurant.

I really dig all 3 of these two. This week I liked Dexter better than Homeland, but other weeks not. Just all-around excellent TV Very bad move by Quinn on many levels All I thought is, “I guess he’s dying this season. At least Hannah is a hottie compared to Lumen. Yeah Dexter sure knows how to pick them. These last 2 ladies he’s hooked up with are making Rita look like June Cleaver.

Dexter – Season 7 |OT| Surprise Kimosabe

How much time and money was put into this hour compared to a typical week? It was considerably more. There were a lot of visual effects that are very costly and then to go out and shoot in Astoria added to our price tag. But it was our final episode and Showtime was very accommodating. Our normal eight days of production became 10 days.

Before the season started, you said the core idea behind this finale has been in the works for years.

I don’t think anybody watched Dexter for the story arcs, really. It was just another antihero fable with a nifty hook, but one that didn’t beat around the bush with its messy, cathartic killings.

The show revolves around Dexter who is a blood splatter expert working in the Miami police. Dexter and his sister Debra who is also in Miami Metro police are the main character. Dexter has is a serial killer who takes his code for killing very seriously while he eliminates the bad apples in the society. With 8 seasons, the show is one of the most loved shows of the last decade.

Here are top 10 reasons why people love the show Dexter. There have been plenty of crime drama or thriller genre based TV shows in the past decade or so but the serial killers were never the good guys, being the blood splatter geek in the police force was never this cool but due to Dexter it looked cool. Great title song The title song or the theme music often gets ignored by the show producers as the audience rarely appreciated the effort that goes into creating the drama via the theme music.

Dexter, too has a pretty good title song. It also tells so much about Dexter the character. Dexter fans would agree that the excitement of a new episode kicks in when he kills that mosquito at the very beginning of the title song. Dexter-Deb relationship Seldom will you find a pair of sibling which has a more unique relationship that Dexter and Debra have in the show.